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Telcos App

The Reseller App, a revolutionary platform empowering telecom resellers to streamline digital product sales and account management with unparalleled efficiency. In a bid to enhance transaction speed and user experience, we pioneered the Slide to Transact feature, replacing cumbersome two-step authentication with a seamless sliding gesture. With these advancements, the Reseller App continues to redefine convenience and functionality for telecom resellers, driving greater efficiency and profitability in their operations.

Date : 10 Mar 2024

Categories: UI/UX

Reseller App

The reseller app allows telecom resellers to sell digital products directly to consumers and manage their own account, view reports, etc.

Slide to Transact

The conventional method for doing any financial transaction is to do a two-step authentication before committing. This adds friction to the process and in a fast paced market this could mean customers lost for the reseller. For this we introduced Slide to Transact for confirming a transaction which utilizes a sliding gesture as a replacement for two step authentication. The slide cannot happen with an accidental touch and also provides two-step authentication in a way that the first confirmation is when the user holds the slider and the second is when he releases the slider at the end.

Reseller App V2

The reseller app v2 enables reseller to also use mobile money inside their applications to purchase digital products directly from the telecom operator from within their app and also do money transfers for themselves and for the consumers.


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